By Christi King, Program Coordinator at Alpine

For years, Mile High Pines has specialized in serving public schools with the CODES program. Now Alpine also operates the same program but specializes in serving Christian schools. We’ve discovered that many students, although attending a Christian school, have little exposure to Christianity. This presents us with a precious opportunity to share the gospel, not only through our actions modeling the love of Jesus and through the wonders of creation but also through open dialogue. This spring Alpine was hosting Christian School students from L.A. County.

One group was especially challenging as they pushed all boundaries and were often disrespectful to one another and the Alpine team. However, during our campfire bible study, a supernatural peace and calm was over all the students; the presence of God was there. This group that had been so difficult to manage was finally all ears – you could actually hear the forest because they were intensely QUIET for the first time all week. I shared the bible study (Gen 1; Psalm 139) and they intently listened to God’s word. They listened about how God created the heavens and the earth; how He intricately created mankind in His image, and how God had a plan and purpose for each of their lives. The many intense and sincere questions they asked during this service! Oh my!

One particular camper asked a deep question that revealed his deep pain and hurt at home… he was sincerely wanting to know if God cared about his situation, “If what you say is true, then why doesn’t God hear my prayers? Does God really have a plan for me?”

God gave me words to share in this moment – this sacred, precious moment, to speak truth & hope into this young man’s life. Praise God for His word and His message to these 6th graders. Hearts were touched and the Spirit of the Lord was moving.

After this message we saw a visible transformation in the kids. We continued our program and roasted marshmallows followed by a dance party. For the first time all week, they were under control and having a good time – it was not chaotic. It was so much fun. They seemed at peace and easy. So thankful for God’s goodness and his word that is always true, living and active.

I am also grateful for having a dialogue at the campfire where students can pose their questions; ask if God is real, if Jesus is who he says he is, and if they can trust the scripture. The Power of Camp Study shows that when campers are cared for at camp and when questions about their faith are taken seriously, then they are more likely to experience the lasting impact of camp.

In areas of devotional practices, engagement in the church, horizontal faith, and self-confidence, or in this case, they hear the gospel for the possibly the first time spoken into a real life situation where hope and truth were desperately sought after and desired. God desires for every person to know Him and to spend eternity with Him and these campers had a heart-felt experience of a lifetime through outdoor science camp. To God Be the Glory!

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