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Footsteps of Faith

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As I reflect on the past season, there is one remark I can make with all confidence; it has been a full experience. Some nights feel like trench warfare, as I peer across the faces of my wearied colleagues, all doing their best to comfort a disgruntled camper, tame a wild class, or reassemble a decommissioned restroom. Other nights feel like being part of a big family. It has not ceased to amaze me how much the Lord has blessed us to be able to make meaningful connections with students, teachers, and parents who visit our grounds each week. One lesson especially stands out to me from these past 5 months. It is from an encounter I had with a young camper (let’s call him Oliver) during our weekly night hike. Every week, campers are taken on a night hike. During the hike the students will learn about nocturnal animal adaptations, however they also learn to overcome their fear with a solo hike at night. Mile High Pines is wonderfully secluded from the city lights. During our nighttime hikes, the darkness often limits our visibility to just three feet ahead. However, on certain nights, when the moon is full, the forest glows blue. It is beautiful, but for a city kid, it can be intimidating.

It was during the solo part of the hike that I prepped the campers by letting them know they would walk a short section of the trail by themselves. Oliver was not pleased! Fear was overcoming him and he had begun to ball his eyes out. Then the Lord revealed something to me that I hope resonated with Oliver’s heart as much as it did with mine. Straining our eyes out into the consuming darkness, the end of the trail is impossible to see, but just like in life, the path won’t appear before us until we step out in faith to see where it leads. Upon sharing this with Oliver I was so blessed to see God fill him with the strength to face his fear. In Psalms 119:105 it says, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” We often do not need to see the entirety of the journey, we just need to see the next step and as believers God sometimes only gives us the privilege to take one step of faith at a time.

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