Empower Your Youth with Faith and Fun at Alpine Retreat and Camp!

We believe in the power of transformation through faith, fellowship, and fun. Here, we create an inspiring environment where youth not only strengthen their relationship with God but also build lifelong friendships and gain essential life skills.

Our camp is a place where hearts are ignited, dreams are nurtured, and leadership qualities emerge. Join us for an unforgettable journey of spiritual growth, self-discovery, and endless laughter.

Give your youth the gift of an extraordinary camp experience that will shape their future for years to come.


Explore our Christian summer camps tailored for every age group, from 4th through 12th grade. Our programs feature immersive biblical teachings, uplifting worship sessions, small group interactions, tranquil quiet time, and an array of exciting recreational activities—all bundled together in one affordable package!”


Join our Winter Camp for a weekend filled with heartfelt worship, exciting games and activities, and quality time with friends—all set against the beautiful backdrop of a Lake Arrowhead winter wonderland.


Upper Pines

The perfect spot for your group, accommodating up to 130 campers.


Lower Pines

Ready to welcome 180 campers with open arms!


Summit Lodge

Perfect for your group’s leadership or families looking for a cozy retreat.


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Camp Activities


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Discover Nature’s Haven – Just Minutes from Lake Arrowhead! Alpine Retreat and Camp offers an immersive forest experience, all within a convenient 3-mile reach of Lake Arrowhead

We partner with overworked church leaders to provide Christ-centered camps & retreats in a fun and friendly atmosphere, inspiring life-changing encounters with God