Sponsor Missions Trips and Provide Ministry Essentials.

Mile High Pines Camp is a proud strategic partner of The Passion Center for Children in Malawi, Africa.

The Passion Center for Children grew out of a deep concern for vulnerable children of Malawi and their communities.

Known as the “Warm Heart of Africa,” this beautiful country staggers under the growing weight of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and disease which continues to steal the futures of so many orphans, widows and entire communities. 

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Why Missions Trips?

In Acts the church was given instructions to be witnesses in, “Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8).

In this passage we understand a framework for ministry. Judea representing the early church’s hometown. Judea representing the larger region, Samaria representing a slightly farther and culturally different region, and lastly a global perspective in the charge to reach the uttermost parts of the earth. 

Mile High Pines seeks to minister globally (to the ends of the earth) by: Providing mission opportunities worldwide.

Currently, we are proud partners with the Passion Center for Children in Malawi, Africa. The Passion Center is an Orphanage with several ministry in the Zomba area. 

Who Travels to Malawi?

Mile High Pines typically takes teams of 10-20 members for a total of 2 weeks at a time.

The team is primarily comprised of full-time MHP employees, seasonal staff members, spouses of employees, ministry partners such as leaders from our guest group churches, and staff from other Christian camps. 

If you are here because you are interested in supporting someone who is planning on attending a missions trip, THANK YOU.

Please donate online.

Interested in attending an upcoming missionary trip? Please reach out to DJ Crider at

What Do We Do?

With Passion Center for Children, we’re on a mission to make a meaningful impact in Malawi.

Camp In a Bag A large part of our mission trip includes putting on evangelistic Day Camps for impoverished villages in Malawi. These Day Camps provide staff with the opportunity have fun in Jesus’ name. In addition to playing group games, making crafts, and contests, we end each day camp with the Gospel Message. 

Widows Ministry – At least one day of our mission trip is dedicated to serving widows. This includes providing packages of rice and dry foods. We also end our day with an encouraging Bible teaching. 

Community Health Network – During trips where health practitioners are attending the trip, we may support the CHN. The CHN is made up of a volunteer base that delivers First Aid care to remote locations. At least one day of our trip is dedicated to a hospital visit where we pray for the sick and provide food for the needy.

Staff Training – Our team often focuses on working and equipping the local staff working at the Orphanage home base. Training in the past have included business training, management training, spiritual formation, and staff retreats.

Our Mile High Pines location can accommodate over 300 campers across our camp.

Our mountainous retreat in the San Bernardino National Forest provides unique indoor and outdoor function spaces for chapels, worship, workshops, and games.


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