Who We Are

It is our mission to: “Provide opportunities for life-changing encounters with God.”

In Acts the church was given instructions to be witnesses in, “Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8). In this passage we understand a framework for ministry. Judea representing the early church’s hometown. Judea representing the larger region, Samaria representing a slightly farther and culturally different region, and lastly a global perspective in the charge to reach the uttermost parts of the earth.

Mile High ministries seeks to reach our Hometown (Jerusalem) by:

Investing in the staff and their families spiritually and physically

Developing leaders through our Summer of Service summer staff program.

Mile High ministries seeks to minister to our local region (Judea) by:

Providing a place for local churches and ministries to grow in their faith with Jesus Christ.

Ministering to the church body and partnering with church leaders in their objectives for their campers.

Mile High ministries seeks to minister to the "wider region" (Samaria) by:

Providing a retreat center and program camps for all organizations to experience creation.

Proving program camps and educational programs that provide hands-on learning to the public.

Mile High ministries seeks to minister globally (to the ends of the earth) by:

Providing mission opportunities worldwide. Currently, we are proud partners with the Passion Center for Children in Malawi, Africa.  

Our Values & Impact

Our team intentionally serves our campers with our

5 guiding values

which are to:

Magnify Christ

We are committed to acknowledging the greatness and holiness of God. By acknowledging Him, we continually gain perspective of how GREAT our God is.

Pursue Excellence

Our end game is to bless God by blessing his people. In this effort, mediocrity is not marvelous, effective, or God-honoring. That’s why we believe God and His people deserve our very best.

Genuine Service 

Our goal is to remove distractions and serve people with a genuine, positive attitude. When you come into our camp, you come into our family and we hope you leave feeling served and blessed.

Anticipate Needs 

We don’t want to just host you, we want to partner with you before, during and after your stay. It is our goal to anticipate your needs so you can fulfill your objectives at camp.

Have Fun  

We know you can do your conferences at a hotel but camp is about fun! We strive to create lasting memories through fun. We strive to be a team that hunts down the elements of fun and we hope to include you in the joy of camping.


Upper Pines

The perfect spot for your group, accommodating up to 130 campers.


Lower Pines

Ready to welcome 180 campers with open arms!


Summit Lodge

Perfect for your group’s leadership or families looking for a cozy retreat.


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Camp Activities


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We partner with overworked church leaders to provide Christ-centered camps & retreats in a fun and friendly atmosphere, inspiring life-changing encounters with God